How to stop pimples – personal experience

Cropped Image Of Mid Adult Woman Looking At Pimples In Mirror

I know with the title you will be like here “we go again” but the truth is most things you see in the internet are just people trying to sale their products. Now ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a serious problem at hand and since u are reading this you are fully aware of the culprit. oh yes the notorious pimples.

What are pimples

Well we’ve all heard about them, we’ve all seen them and we’ve all felt them (don’t mean just the face). Now I know you all need solutions so I won’t go too deep in the explanation.

Pimples are caused by clogged pores either from dead skin cells, dirt and even our body’s defense mechanism the sebrum. Sebrum is the oily substance your body secretes from the sebaceous glands. The clogged pores traps germs and bacteria in it and the body tries to quarantine the bacteria by making a bump on our skin called pimple. Very straight forward right. Now the question is how does a person stop these pimple.

How I reduced pimples on my face

Yes I know you were expecting a way to terminate pimples forever but sorry can’t lie to you. Let’s get started

1) Stop eating NUTS and GROUNDNUT oil

Ok when I mean nuts, I mean groundnuts. In Nigeria, groundnut is among the most popular nuts around so I can’t call any other nut. You have to find the nut that your body is OK with.

2) Sleeping position

Surprised?. Yes sleeping position can affect your pimple problems. Normally am the type of person that sleeps on my sides with my face on the pillow. Don’t blame me, I love the soft feeling of pillows after a stressful day. The problem is that the pores on your face gets clogged from dirt on the pillow or the fabric used to cover the pillow. What I decided to do was change my sleeping position to sleeping facing up. Won’t lie to you, it’s not fun at all but u need hard work to achieve great things right.

3) Wash your face morning and night

Won’t say any soap since skin type differs and mine seems to do well with lux soap. You know your skin more than I do so always remember to wash your face every morning and night. Failure to do so will increase the chances of pimples and don’t get deceived if they don’t come immediately. They’re are Monsters lucking in the shadows.

4) keep your hair clean

Sweat and water trapped in your hair especially Long hairs flows down to your face and if your hair isn’t clean, you can guess what will happen. Oh yeah the beginning of a pimple army.

Even hair creams may flow to the face and cause irritation to the skin so be careful of what u apply on your hair.

5) keep your hands off your face

For the love of periwinkle KEEP YOUR PALMS OFF your face. OK let’s go back in time a little on the activities and actions u made all day. Majority of those actions were made with your legs and palms isn’t it. Imagine the amount of germs your palm contains. Then you rub those germs on your already fragile skin. What I do since I have a very oily skin is that I use the back of my hand if I don’t have my hanky with me.

6) Use cream To reduce pimples

All those that have spent alot on pimples, well these must be music to your ears. Go back under your bed and your Pull out all those your forgotten pimple creams. Back in the days, I spent alot of money on pimple creams and finally, I discovered three creams. Neoskin(antibacterial, anti inflammatory cream), nixoderm, and carotone(black spots are also dead skins and that causes pimples so getting rid of black spots in crucial). Well those are the creams that work for me so what cream best suits your skin is up to you.

Well that’s my experience with pimples. Try it and see if it works for you as I said we all are different. Wishing you the best in your journey to slay the pimple overlord.

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