Indonesia tsunami: Images of debris and survival

Aerial view of a collapsed mosque amid rubble in

Five days after a powerful earthquake and tsunami hit the Indonesian town of Palu, images are emerging which show the true scale of the devastation.

Debris litters the beach in Palu, Indonesia
Image caption This used to be a town – many people were on this beach preparing for a festival when the wave hit, about half-an-hour after the earthquake.
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Overhead view of people looking through debris in Palu
Image caption These people were picking through the debris to find anything that might be salvaged to make lives a little bit easier.
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People on the roof of a collapsed building in Palu
Image caption When you’ve lost everything, even basic items like plastic sheets or kitchenware can make the difference. Though finding them can be a dangerous task.
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Satellite image showing the long thing bay leading to Palu
Image caption A satellite view of the town shows just how vulnerable it was to a tsunami. The waves built up speed and height as they powered down the narrow bay
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Aerial view of a collapsed hillside in PaluImage caption This hillside has suffered from a process called liquefaction, when soil and sediment lose any substance and start behaving essentially like liquid.


Bodies in body bags lie next to a digger in a mass grave in Palu
Image caption More than 840 people are confirmed dead, too many for individual funerals. So many are being buried in mass graves.
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A man walks over the ruins of a building in Palu, Indonesia
Image caption Many more people are feared buried under debris – News Crew in Palu said the smell of dead bodies is hanging in the air.
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Soldiers watch as people board a military plane at Palu airport
Image caption The airport is operating and a lucky few, along with the injured, are boarding military planes to safety.


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