Overwatch Reveals Incredible Halloween Skin for Wrecking Ball


For the past week, Blizzard has been revealing some of the new legendary skins that are coming to Overwatch as part of the Halloween Terror event that kicks off Tuesday, October 9. Today marked yet another new Halloween skin reveal, and this one is for the game’s newest playable hero, Hammond, aka Wrecking Ball.

The new Wrecking Ball skin in Overwatch transforms Hammond into a devilish creature with a Jack-o’-lantern instead of a standard mech suit. The skin itself is called the Jack-O’-Lantern skin, naturally, and anyone who wants to get their hands on it will either need to fork over the required coins or get lucky from opening event-specific loot boxes.

This new Wrecking Ball skin will only be available in Overwatch for a limited time, going live in the game on Tuesday, October 9 and remaining up for grabs until the Halloween Terror event concludes on October 31. The same goes for all the other Halloween-specific skins that will go live in the game on October 9, so players should be sure to play as much as possible if they want to collect all of the new skins.

This Jack-O’-Lantern Wrecking Ball skin is one of the more impressive skins that has been revealed for the Halloween Terror event so far. The Swamp Monster Doomfist skin has also been met with some praise by fans, as has the Banshee Moira skin, which gives that support character a decidedly eviler look.

While the skins revealed so far have been impressive, it’s possible even better Halloween Terror 2018 skins have yet to be revealed for Overwatch. After all, there is still a couple of days until the event goes live, so fans should be able to look forward to at least one more skin reveal from Blizzard in the interim.

Besides skins, the new Halloween Terror event is expected to introduce a new game mode as well, or at least add an additional map for Junkenstein’s Revenge. Blizzard has teased as much, but has been hesitant to share any further details on the subject, so it looks like fans will just have to wait until Tuesday, October 9 to see what the Overwatch team has in store.

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