Coronavirus: Creative solutions to social distancing

An aerial view showing people relaxing in a park whilst staying designated white circles to ensure social distancingImage caption: People sit in circles designed to encourage social distancing as they relax in Domino Park along the East River in Brooklyn, New York City, USA.
People stand in an elevator wearing face masks with their backs to each other
Image caption: People practise social distancing in a lift at World Trade Center in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Cardboard cut outs of people are placed at dining tables in a restaurant
Image caption: Cardboard cut-outs of customers are placed at dining tables in Five Dock Dining restaurant in Sydney, Australia. The restaurant is also playing taped background “chatter” to create ambience.
People eat in a restaurant with clear plastic barriers between diners
Image caption: People have lunch at the Penguin Eat Shabu restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand. The plastic barriers ensure social distancing between diners.
High school students in Albania follow the directions on the ground to enter their building whilst maintaining social distancing
Image caption: Secondary school students in Albania follow the directions on the ground to enter their building while maintaining social distancing.
Women lean back to have their hair washed with plastic barriers dividing each customer
Image caption: Women are separated by dividers as they have their hair washed in Bella Rinova hair salon in Houston, Texas, US.
Students stand separately in designated hexagon shapes on the floor
Image caption: Students practise social distancing in the courtyard of a secondary school as it reopens in Brussels, Belgium.
People stand on markers on a tramway platform
Image caption: People stand on designated markers on a tramway platform in Nice in France.
An aerial view showing tents set up in individually marked spaces on the ground
Image caption: An aerial view of San Francisco’s first temporary tent encampment for homeless people. Following public pressure, the city created a socially-distanced sleeping area in a fenced-off space with toilets, hand-washing stations and security.
A stuffed panda is seen on a chair next to diners in a restaurant
Image caption: A stuffed panda is placed on a chair as a means to enforce social distancing at a restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand.
People attend mass in a church
Image caption: Worshippers attend a mass at Santa Barbara Church in Madrid, Spain. Churches can hold mass in Madrid, provided there are limited numbers, face masks are worn and social distance is maintained.
A waiter checks a customer's temperature in a restaurant
Image caption: A waiter checks a customer’s temperature in a restaurant in Milan, Italy.
Worshippers pray whilst social distancing
Image caption: Worshippers take part in Friday prayers during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, while keeping a safe distance from each other, at the Mohammed Al-Amin Mosque in Beirut, Lebanon.

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