Nicola McLean recalls being sexually abused but couldn’t face reporting assault to cops


The former glamour model, 38, admitted that she “couldn’t face” reporting the horrific abuse, which took place last year, to the police

Nicola McLean has bravely opened up about the time in which she was sexually assaulted by a masseur in her own home.

The former glamour model, 38, admitted that she “couldn’t face” reporting the horrific abuse, which took place last year, to the police.

Speaking about the terrifying ordeal, she told Sun Online : “I felt like I couldn’t escape that day and I can’t imagine being in that situation day after day, feeling like you can’t get away. I want to say to anyone out there being abused — you can escape.”

The mum-of-two revealed she was left with anxiety, nightmares and major trust issues following the incident.

The former model last year underwent an £18,000 “mummy makeover” which featured a breast enlargement to a 32FF and liposuction.

And during her recovery process, Nicola was urged to receive regular lymphatic drainage massages after having the ­fat removed from her body.

But what she didn’t know is that she’d be inviting the masseur into her own home, where he would viciously take advantage of her down the line.

The mum-of-two says she was sexually abused by her masseur

And on one occasion, Nicola recalled him massaging her legs, which is not an area she has liposuction on – sparking concern.

She then recalled his hands moving higher and higher to the point of which this was no longer a massage.

She explained: “You have to wear a special garment after liposuction that fits around your abdomen and the top of your thighs but is open at the crotch so you can go to the toilet. You can’t wear knickers with it.”

Nicola said the assault took place during a massage session in her home

The abuse has led her to face many challenges and obstacles in her personal life.

Nicola – who has been married to former footballer Tom Williams for 11 years – admitted she even had an eating disorder following the assault.

She said: “I’m a feisty woman but I just wasn’t strong enough to do anything. This man was huge compared to me.”

Nicola said the reaction from one of her friends stopped her from reporting the attack

But despite her sister urging her to report the vile abuse, Nicola admitted that it was the reaction of one of her friends that stopped her from going to the police.

After telling her friends what had happened to her, one asked Nicola if she “enjoyed” the act.

Nicola recalled being disgusted, and thought people would either think she’s lying or nelieve that she enjoyed it, which stopped her from reporting the crime.

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