Fallout 76 Gives Penalties to Players Who Kill in Unwanted Conflicts

About a couple of months ago, Bethesda provided general details as to how it would punish PvP griefers in its forthcoming post-apocalyptic multiplayer RPG, Fallout 76. The publisher and developer revealed it would put a sizable bounty on the offender’s head, with the caps coming from their pockets. Now, it looks as if the studio will be dishing... Continue Reading →

SMITE 2018 Tier List

S+ Ullr S Fafnir Da Ji Hachiman Geb S- Ah Muzen Cab Ao Kuang Artio Discordia Cu Chulainn Erlang Shen Ganesha Osiris The Morrigan Xing Tian A+ Agni Fenrir Hou Yi Khepri Ne Zha Nemesis Bellona Cernunnos Hel Hun Batz Izanami Janus Jing Wei Nox Raijin Rama Ratatoskr Ravana Serqet Sobek Sylvanus Vulcan A Anhur... Continue Reading →

Undersupported or Forgotten Archetypes

  List of Undersupported Archetypes (TCG)   Aliens Allies of Justice (EXCLUDING Ally of Justice Catastor) Ancient Gears Assault Modes Crystal Beasts Cyberdarks Dark Scorpions Dark World Genex Gravekeeper's Guardians Harpies Ice Barrier (EXCLUDING Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier and Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier) Iron Chains LV Monsters Non-Hopeless Dragon Dragons Neo-Spacians Ojamas Phantom Beasts Reactors Reptilianne Roids Skull Servants Spell... Continue Reading →

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