8 Surprising Facts About the Stomach

The human body is an amazing thing. For each one of us, it's the most intimate object we know. And yet most of us don't know enough about it: its features, functions, quirks, and mysteries. Our series The Body explores human anatomy, part by part. Think of it as a mini digital encyclopedia with a... Continue Reading →

3 steps to speak better English

Why am I learning English? If you are reading this article you would probably like to be fluent in English, have a great pronunciation and feel confident when speaking. Maybe you have learnt English for several years, had no problems with reading and writing, understood variety of grammar rules... But when it comes to speaking, you are feeling stuck, unsure or worried about mistakes you can possibly make. I... Continue Reading →

How to Build Bigger Chest Muscles

Hercules. If you train in a big commercial gym, you’ve probably noticed Monday is National Bench Day. Everyone seems to be training their chest. Tuesday is often National Bench Day part 2 with more of the same. But how do you train your chest efficiently for maximum growth? In this post I’ll explain you which... Continue Reading →

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